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Coronavirus patient flees from Jinnah hospital Lahore


LAHORE: A confirmed female patient of coronavirus on Thursday fled from the Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.

According to the MS of the hospital, 24-year-old female patient was admitted in high dependency unit of the Jinnah hospital in Lahore after being tested positive for the COVID-19.


The patient was identified as Saman Shehbaz a 24 year old female belonging toGulshan Ravi area of Lahore and she was admitted to the hospital five days ago and was tested positive for COVID-19.

Lockdown has been placed across provinces and everyone is being urged to stay indoors and all non-essential businesses are closed including malls, shopping centers, markets, parks and restaurants.

Motorways across the country have also been closed with only selective traffic being allowed to enter according to the National Highway and Motorway Police.


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