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Karachi reports eight new cases of coronavirus, Sindh tally at 421


KARACHI: The Health Department of  Sindh has informed that eight new cases of coronavirus were reported in Sindh on Thursday, bringing the total number to 421.

According to a spokesperson of the Sindh Health Department, seven of these new cases were reported from Karachi of which were local transmissions whereas one victim belongs to Hyderabad and had arrived from England.

“Karachi has registered seven new cases of locally transmitted coronavirus during the past 24 hours, leading to the total number of the virus-induced disease to 153 in the port city, that reported its first confirmed patient exactly a month ago on February 26.

“Hence the total number of Covid positive comes to 156, excluding 265 pilgrims, in the province who will be kept in quarantine at Sukkur until their absolute recovery,” the spokesperson said, adding that the remaining 3,149 had tested negative for the virus.

Of the 153 affected citizens from Karachi, 14 were said to have been fully recovered.

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