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President All Pakistan Private Schools Federation condemns sexual harassment cases at educational institutes

Kashif Mirza President All Pakistan Private Schools Federation – APPSF has condemned the cases of harassment at educational institute that have been reported. Kashif Mirza said, “Have taken note of serious harassment allegations of young girls at educational institution – most recently at premier private school in Lahore.

All Pakistan Private Schools Federation’s shall support the victims and our helpline is available for complaints of such cases & for help.

Our regional offices also have been alerted on this issue. Kashif Mirza further added that “Sexual harassment is violating Law & Child Protection Act, humanity, religions and morals, and it has become more critical after taking place in the educational institutions in where students supposed to be in the responsibly of the teachers not being harassed emotionally and physically.”

APPSF condemned the incident and criminal behaviour of the harassers, and also demanded the government to look into the matter with transparent investigation to ensure the safety of the students.

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