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Prevalence of undernourishment: Pakistan among 3 highest countries in Asia


ISLAMABAD, Sep 12 (APP):Asian Development Bank (ADB) has reported that Pakistan is among three Asian countries where rate of undernourishment is highest.

The highest rates of undernourishment in 2017 were observed in Afghanistan (29.8%), Timor-Leste (24.9%), and Pakistan (20.3%), the ADB reported in 50th edition of its annual statistical report, Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2019.

It said the prevalence of undernourishment in the total population was below 10.0% in 26 of the 37 reporting economies, compared with only 14 of 37 in 2000.

The prevalence of undernourishment was lowest—at a rate of 2.5% or below—in Australia; Azerbaijan; Hong Kong, China; Japan; Kazakhstan; Malaysia; New Zealand; and the Republic of Korea.

The report added that in spite of reductions in undernourishment in more than four-fifths of economies in Asia and the Pacific since 2000, hunger persists in the region.

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