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Sharjah: Manhunt launched after petrol station robbery

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Adnoc petrol station In Sharjah

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Sharjah: Sharjah Police have launched a manhunt after a robbery at an ADNOC petrol station in industrial area five in Sharjah on Tuesday night.

The robbery left petrol station staff, who were on their night shift, in shock.

Gulf News can reveal that Sharjah Police have CCTV images of the suspect commiting the crime and fleeing the scene after the robbery was carried out. The suspect reached the ADNOC station in industrial area five and asked the employee to put fuel in his car.

The suspect then snatched the pouch containing the employee’s daily collection.

Eyewitnesses as well as petrol station staff reported the incident to Sharjah Police.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect’s licence plate was not registered to the car.

The car which was used to carry out the crime might be also stolen, police said.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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