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The political history of Pakistan


The political history of Pakistan | Daily timesThe political history of Pakistan | Daily times
the book is an eyewitness account of the events that led to a civil war in East Pakistan, which culminated in the creation of Bangladesh. It is written by Major General Rao Farman Ali Khan, a well-known army officer present in the Eastern Wing during the war of 1971. By virtue of this role, and the length of his tenure in East Pakistan, he acquired deep insight and knowledge of the political and military events as they unfolded. In this candid account, Rao Farman Ali brings to light the political undercurrents and aspects of the military conflict generally not known.

THE FALTERING STATE: PAKISTAN’S INTERNAL SECURITY LANDSCAPE BY TARIQ KHOSA — the book addresses the various governance and internal security issues in Pakistan. The country’s internal security fault-lines revolve around the weakening of the state, rise of militancy and violence, terrorism, insurgency, poor governance, corruption, lawlessness, broken criminal justice system, disregard for human rights, control of military over civilian affairs, weak democratic institutions, lack of political will to reform institutions, and, above all, a crisis of leadership. The book is an outcome of the author’s experiences acquired through his 40-year career in law enforcement.

THE CULTURE OF POWER & GOVERNANCE OF PAKISTAN 1947-2008 BY ILHAN NIAZ — this book provides a provocative and hard-hitting explanation of Pakistan’s crisis of governance in historical and philosophical terms. The explanation combines theoretical insight with declassified historical sources to argue that the crisis of governance has deep roots in the historical experience and elite mentality of the subcontinent. The book draws upon the primary declassified records of Pakistan and a diverse array of theoretical inputs to try and balance the debate on the crisis of governance.

PAKISTAN: POLITICAL ROOTS & DEVELOPMENT, 1947-1999 BY SAFDAR MAHMOOD — the focus of the book is on Pakistan’s troubled political history. It offers useful insights into Pakistan’s constitution-making and the characteristic features of various constitutions, and why and how these did not work effectively. It analyses, in detail, the working of the military governments of Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, and Zia ul-Haq, as well as the working of the elected civil governments of the country.

CONSTITUTIONAL & POLITICAL HISTORY OF PAKISTAN THIRD EDITION BY HAMID KHAN — this book analyses constitutional development in Pakistan from its inception to present times. It provides a case-by-case account of constitution-making in Pakistan, with the inclusion of all pertinent documentation. Constitutional developments have been explained in the context of social and political events that shaped them. The book focuses on constitutional and political history, and constitutional development concurrently. This third edition is updated to cover the constitutional and political development till 2013.

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